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DOOMSDAY National Theatre

in a version by Tony Harrison, 1999

Part of The Mysteries Cycle

In a unique celebration of the Millenium, the Royal National Theatre revived one of the most famous shows in its history – The Mysteries, a great cycle of medieval plays, which are part of the foundation of our culture. The original creative team reunited to present a new version of their epoch-making show.

By rooting the plays in a gritty working environment and using contemporary music, Tony Harrison’s superb adaptations reclaimed these seminal works for our times.

Doomsday, the third part of the cycle, celebrates the ascension of Christ into Heaven, the death of his mother, Mary, her ascension and the end of the world as told in the Apocrypha.


in alphabetical order

Peter Armitage
Stephen Bent

David Bradley
Cathryn Bradshaw
Joe Duttine

William Gaunt

Sue Johnston

Trevor Laird

William MacBain

John Normington

Joanna Page

Trevor Ray

Iain Robertson

Jack Shepherd
John Tams

Howard Ward

Don Warrington



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