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A LIFE OF CHEKHOV by Irene Nemirovsky

adapted for radio by Michael Hastings

Broadcast in five short plays for BBC Radio 4
Woman’s Hour Drama, 3rd – 7th Nov 2008

Irene Nemirovsky’s biography of Anton Chekhov, adapted for radio by Michael Hastings, captures in brief scenes, reminiscent of his short stories, crucial points from his tough childhood in the remote port of Taganrog on the Sea of Azov to his marriage in his last years as the celebrated playwright.

Irene Nemirovsky’s biography appeared in 1950 but it was not until the publication of Suite Francaise in 2006 that her enormous talent as a writer reached a wider audience. In A Life of Chekhov she puts aside the conventional biographer’s position and writes the story as if she was in the presence of the Chekhov family.


Anton Chekhov – ANDREW SCOTT

Masha Chekhov & Natasha – ROMOLA GARAI

Yevgenia Chekhov & Olga Knipper – NIAMH CUSACK

Paul Chekhov & Suvorin – DAVE HILL

Uncle Mitrofan – ALAN WILLIAMS

Kolya Chekhov & Alex Smagin – BO PORAJ

Sasha Chekhov – KEITH DUNPHY

Vanya Chekhov – HUGH WYLD

Misha Chekhov – BILLY DUDLEY


Studio Manager – Mark Smith

Production Assistant – James Thompson

Executive Producer – Ed Crozier

Director – Lucy Bailey

Producer – Nicholas Newton



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