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Chung-yun and So-ling

This Is Your Country Now Too: Episode 3 of 7

Stories seen through the eyes of child refugees as they leave home for the unknown.

Chung-yun and So-ling, two children from a village on the mainland, embark on a treacherous journey to escape the famine in Mao Tse Tung’s China by swimming across the South China sea to Hong Kong.

The journey, in their wretched state, is tough and on arrival they find the welcome is not exactly as they had wished. Escaping again from the clutches of a fisherman and his wife, Chun-yun is struck by a lorry and is taken to hospital.

It is at this point their luck begins to change with the support of Officer Wong and his wife, Rita, who make efforts to give the two children the opportunity for another life, rather than being sent back to the mainland.

This is the third of seven dramas in a series about the experience of child refugees fleeing persecution to find a new life in the UK or its dominions since 1939.

Chung-yun … Chris Lew Kum Hoi
So-ling … Jade Chan
Fisherman and Foreman… Ozzie Yue
Fisherman’s wife and Carol … Siu-see Hung
Officer Tony Wong … Andrew Leung
Rita Wong … Michelle Yim
Superintendent Letts … Andrew Havill

Written by Ben Ockrent
Series devised by Nicolas Kent with Jack Bradley

Original Music / Musical Supervision: Jack Newton
Director: David Tse
Producer: Nicholas Newton
A Promenade production for BBC Radio 4

Release date: 10 December 2019
44 minutes



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