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This Is Your Country Now Too: Episode 7 of 7

Stories seen through the eyes of child refugees as they leave home for the unknown.

The family of 14 year-old Tarek’ is bidding him farewell in a restaurant in Idlib, northwestern Syria. Amid the partings and advice from his mother, father and sister and barrel bombs raining down, Tarek is bundled off on a perilous journey across Europe.

But, as if in a Kafkaesque nightmare, following setbacks on the road or at sea, he constantly finds himself back in the restaurant, still to start his journey and receiving more advice.

He can claim asylum once he’s in Britain – the problem is getting there.

Set in war torn Syria and across Europe, this is the final drama in a series of seven plays about the experience of child refugees fleeing persecution to find a new life in the UK since 1939.

Tarek … Ronak Patani
Baba … Paul Chahidi
Hozan … Rachid Sabitri
Zahra … Sara Bahadori
Khaled … Waleed Elgadi
Mama … Nathalie Armin
Najib … Danny Rahim
Zilal … Farshid Rokey
Joanna … Ruby Benthall
Other parts played by the company

Written by Jonathan Myerson
Series devised by Nicolas Kent with Jack Bradley

Original Music/Musical Supervision: Jack Newton
Sound Design: Mark Smith
Directors: Jonathan Myerson and Nicolas Kent
Producer: Nicholas Newton

A Promenade production for BBC Radio 4

Release date:15 December 2019

44 minutes



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