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This is your Country Now Too

A series of seven radio dramas about child refugees since 1939 devised by Nicolas Kent with Jack Bradley for BBC Radio 4.

This Is Your Country Now Too

Four of these dramas have been made by Promenade. They are stories as seen through the eyes of child refugees as they leave home for the unknown.

Gustav and Franziska

Starring Damian Lewis. In the days after the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, a Jewish family is faced with a terrible dilemma

Chung-yun and So-ling

Chung-yun and So-ling, two children from a village on the mainland, embark on a treacherous journey to escape the famine in Mao Tse Tung’s China by…


In the divisive years of apartheid South Africa, a young girl, Eve, is smuggled out of the country after her mother was killed. The secret plan to get Eve…


The family of 14 year-old Tarek’ is bidding him farewell in a restaurant in Idlib, northwestern Syria. Amid the partings and advice from his mother…



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