16-part drama podcast series | 27 August 2021 | 350 minutes

NUREMBERG tells the entire story of the trial of the most notorious Nazi war criminals through dramatic reconstruction, telling it from ground-level up, through the eyes of a Russian interpreter, the American prison psychologist, a French reporter, the British Court Liaison Officer and others from the thousands of individuals tasked with fighting ‘the last battle of WWII’.
16-part podcast series starring Natalie Dormer, Freddie Fox, Kate Phillips, Alex Kingston, Ed Stoppard and Henry Goodman.

The Cast:
JOSEPH ALESSI – Colonel Burton Andrus and other roles
JASPER BRITTON – Joachim von Ribbentrop and other roles
NATALIE DORMER – Emma Schwabenland
ELLIOT COWAN – Segeant Monelli
JONATHAN CULLEN – Ernst Kaltenbrunner and other roles
HARI DHILLON – Robert Storey and other roles
MARK EDEL-HUNT – Otto Kranzbühler and other roles
FREDDIE FOX – Major Airey Neave
HENRY GOODMAN – Hermann Graebe and other roles
ILAN GOODMAN – Pastor Gerecke and other roles
ALEX KINGSTON – Madeleine Jacob
NIGEL LINDSAY – Hermann Goering and other roles
FORBES MASSON – Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe and other roles
JOSEPH MYDELL – Robert H Jackson and other roles
SOPHIA PETTIT – Emmy Goering
KATE PHILLIPS – The Hon. Diana Ravenscourt
LUKE NORRIS – Roger Barrett
AMANDA RYAN – Tatiana Sablikova
ROSIE SHEEHY – Peggy and other roles
ED STOPPARD – Gustav Gilbert
NATHAN WILEY – Master Sergeant Woods and other roles
CLIVE WOOD – Leon Dostert and other roles
ANDREW WOODALL – The Right Hon. Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler and other roles
NICHOLAS WOODESON – Sir Geoffrey Lawrence and other roles

Production credits
Sound designer – ADAM WOODHAMS
Studio Manager – MARK SMITH
Casting Director – GINNY SCHILLER
Original Score – METAPHOR MUSIC
Writer and Director – JONATHAN MYERSON

A Promenade Production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
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