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The Mysteries

by Tony Harrison and the Cottesloe Company. The three parts of the celebrated National Theatre production: The Nativity, The Passion and Doomsday, based on the medieval plays of York, Wakefield and Chester for BBC Radio 4.

The Plutocrat

by Booth Tarkington adapted by Michael Hastings for BBC Radio 4.
A young man falls in love with a mysterious French aristocrat on a trip from New York to Algiers, starring Leslie Caron and Stacey Keach.

Sacco and Vanzetti

by Bill Bryden for BBC Radio 4.
The famous trial and execution of two Italian immigrants which shook 1920’s America, starring Brian Cox and Kevin McNally.

HMS Ulysses

by Alistair McLean adapted by Nick McCarty for BBC Radio 4.
Alistair McLean’s best selling novel about a ship at war in the Arctic seas during WW2 starring Derek Jacobi, Donald Sinden, Joseph Fiennes, Ian Bannen and directed by Bill Bryden.